Quick writing that isn’t at all about pot on 4/20, because I can really only afford beer (and have never tried buying pot in any form, just will have it when a friend has it — and it’s still wild that I can talk about all this stuff openly now, I’m in Illinois where recreational is legal) and am having a short brewery visit to use wifi. This is my third stop in a place today to use wifi, because I wanted to catch up on daily posts here and had to do three. I stopped quickly in my local library at my usual table and uploaded a piece I wrote at home, then continued on for my weekly visit to my great local coffeeshop, Cafe Urbano, where I haven’t used wifi in so long I’m not signed in (and I couldn’t find a password posted anywhere and didn’t ask), where I had a caramel macchiato while reading books, and wrote another piece. Then same library, same table on way back (the other people in the section were still there from my earlier visit, it’s not like I expect anyone is enforcing the one-hour-per-patron limit at this or any library) to upload it.

Then the rest of the afternoon was devoted to feeling anxious about the Chauvin trial verdict — I’d heard it was coming up while still at the coffeeshop, I made it home in time — and relieved when it happened. I have nothing unique or profound to add other than it was the bare minimum, and I hoped nothing violent would happen in our cities that were filled pre-emptively and presumptuously with National Guard and police. I had hours of TV news and NPR on (as always) and was a little slow getting out for a bus ride to one of the only nearby breweries open after 8 pm. It’s busier than I expected and I can watch Cubs and White Sox and listen to NPR and drink beer too quickly and enjoy looking at dogs people brought along and continue reading the same two books I brought to the coffeeshop. I wanted to reach 20 poetry books read by 4/20, because I’d wanted to read a poetry book daily in National Poetry Month. (About 10 days in I’d only read one, so I’ve been catching up.)

I’ve been writing here a week! If anyone is reading these I’m impressed.

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